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Selections for the Montana Space Grant Fellowship and Scholarship Program have been made. The awards reflect each student's past achievements, as well as present and future commitment to academic excellence.

Montana Space Grant Fellowship Awardees for 2000-2001:
Student Discipline Institution
Gary Bohannan Physics MSU-Bozeman
Chelle Crowder Electrical Engineering MSU-Bozeman
Mari P. Henry Land Resources and Environmental Sciences MSU-Bozeman
George Z. Hunyadi, III Electrical Engineering MSU-Bozeman
Scott Konley Astrobiology MSU-Bozeman
Michelle Larson Physics MSU-Bozeman
Michael D. Obland Physics MSU-Bozeman
Cindy Wilson Geochemistry University of Montana
 Montana Space Grant Scholarship Awardees for 2000-2001:
Student Discipline Institution
Kevin Amende Mechanical Engineering Technology MSU-Bozeman
Amy Boyle Hydrogeology Montana Tech
Billie Jo Bull Calf - Juneau Environmental Science - Biology Western Montana College
Ryan Cargo Mechanical Engineering MSU-Bozeman
Crystal Colliflower Mechanical Engineering MSU-Bozeman
Angela Colman Physics MSU-Bozeman
Dustin Cram Mechanical Engineering Technology MSU-Bozeman
Chad Deisenroth Microbiology MSU-Bozeman
Daniel Derlatka Aeronautical Sciences Rocky Mountain College
Vinson Forsman Aeronautical Sciences Rocky Mountain College
Aubrey Gunter Biology University of Montana
Cynthia Heath Mechanical Engineering MSU-Bozeman
Kay Kirkpatrick Mathematics MSU-Bozeman
Trygve Magelssen Electronic Engineering Technology Montana State University-Northern
Delphine Medicine Horse Engineering Chief Dull Knife College
Jason Pekovitch Electronic Engineering Technology Montana State University-Northern
Leslie La Rae Pickett Natural Resources Little Big Horn College
Jake Reisig Computer Science MSU-Bozeman
Lori Richardson Microbiology MSU-Bozeman
Ellen Schultz Geology MSU-Bozeman
Trevor Stevens Mathematics MSU-Billings
Russell Stuver Mechanical Engineering MSU-Bozeman
Tashina Tibbits Mechanical Engineering Salish Kootenai College
Anthony Veches Electrical Engineering MSU-Bozeman
Roberta Walks Information Systems Little Big Horn College


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