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MSGC Student Research Symposium

2011 Student Presentation Award Winners:

  • The Discovery Prize: Adam Gunderson, MSU
    Designing a University CubeSat Radio Using Commercial Off the Shelf Parts
  • The Saturn Prize: Chandra Macauley, MSU
    The influence of CrxOy microstructure on the oxidation behavior of CoMn coatings on SOFC/SOEC interconnects
  • The Atlantis Prize: Amber Walter, UM-Western
    Historic Climate Change at Ennis, Montana
  • The Atlas Prize: Amanda Kortum, UM-Western
    Characterization of the Candida albicans Sec63 Protein
  • The Columbia Prize: Kristen Crandell, UM
    Unsteady Aerodynamics in Avian Flight
  • The Challenger Prize: Matthew Urschel, MSU
    Dissimilatory iron reduction in subzero brines
  • The Endeavour Prize: Justin Krohn, Charlie Ferguson, Chad Willett, Donovan Ferrin, Terrell Thomason, Joe Stack, Steve Iobst, Kris Bengtson, MSU
    Design of a Robotic Lunar Regolith Excavator
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