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MSGC Student Research Symposium

2012 Student Talks

Parallel Session 1



Computing & Engineering

Ballroom A

Astronomy & Space Physics

Ballroom B


Katherine Steiner, Tech, “Analysis of Gas Phase Carbene and Amino Acid Reactions using Labeling Electrospray Deposition”

Virginia Price, MSU, "Cosmic Ray Detector"


Skyler Rydberg, MSU, “Development and Optimization of PMMA Thin Films for Nano-Optical Fabrication”

Brian Redman, MSU, “Testing a Low-cost All-Sky Infrared Cloud Imager”


Daniel Parod, RMC, “Vertical Integration of Renewable Electrical Generation Methods”

Andrew Crawford, MSU, "Propulsion of an Intern; A Journey through NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), Deep Space, Mars, and Beyond..."


Adam Gunderson, MSU, “Emergency Locator Signal Detection and Geolocation Small Satellite Constellation Feasibility Study”

Courtney Peck, Drew Moen, Ethan Keeler, Chris Zimny, MSU, “Design, Construction, and Implementation of a Ground-Based Solar Spectrograph for the National Student Solar Spectrograph Competition”

Parallel Session 2


Ballooning & Remote Sensing

SUB 235

Graduate Student Session I

Ballroom B


SUB 233


Jason Bishop, MSU, "MSU BOREALIS High Altitude Ballooning"

Gary Lowe, MSU, “Temporal and Spectral Analysis of PKS 0558-540”

Ian McKay, RMC, “Human Atmospheric Entry”


David Riesland, MSU, “High Alititude Ballooning Timer-based Cutdown System”

Karthik¬† Ganesan Pillai, MSU, “Verification of co-occurence of filaments and sigmoids”

Kelly Donin, RMC, “Human Atmospheric Entry: Impact Tolerance Model for Prolonged Acceleration Profiles”


Joseph Lutgen, MSU, “Micro Loggers and Sensors”


Michael Schuh, MSU, “A Comparative Evaluation of Automated Solar Filament Detection”

Dan Kirkpatrick, Clark Vowell, Michael Wardell, MSUB, "Detection of Atmospheric Ozone Using Cavity Ringdown Spectroscopy"


Spencer Abdo, MSU, “Building an Icing Cloud Water Tunnel”

Alexander Engell, Michael Schuh, MSU, “Building Solar Flare Forecasting Model Using Multi-Parameter Extraction and Rule-Based Classifiers ”

(11:20) Steven Barton, Richard Shular, Matthew Barton, MSUB, “Thermally Assisted Laser-Induced Fluorescence of Atomic Sodium”

11:30 Elizabeth Clem, Laurie Smoot, Tiffany Heetderks, Kathryn Schipf, Stephani ¬†Schielke Rachael Luhr, MSU, “Design of a High Altitude Balloon Payload to Carry an Ionizing Radiation Sensor”

Parallel Session 3


Graduate Student Session II

Ballroom A

Aerospace Technology

Ballroom B

Education & Outreach

SUB 233


Kristen Crandell, UM, “From Ground to Air: Take-off flight in birds”

CJ Hadwin, MSU, “HRBE and Beyond: Montana State University's Future In Space ”

Ryan Hannahoe, MSU, “An MSGC Sponsored Education, Public Outreach & Affairs Internship with the NASA James Webb Space Telescope Mission”


Nicholas Childs, MSU, “Conceptual Demonstration of Hypervelocity Dust Particle Detection”

Robert Davis, SKC, “Salish Kootenai College CubeSat Mission “

Alyssa Peck, MSU, “Methods for exploring life course trajectories of MSGC significant award winners”


Alexander Michaud, MSU, “The active role of biological ice nuclei in hailstone formation”

Andrew Crawford, MSU, “Multiple Spacecraft Adaptability for Small Satellite Ground Operations”

Hillary Stacey, MSU, " Astrobiology and Montana"


Meredith Rainey, MSU, “Use of MODIS habitat data and MODIS-derived phenology metrics to improve models of wildlife corridors”

Adam Gunderson, Nathan Fite, David Racek, Matthew Handley, MSU, “Launch and Continued Operations of the Hiscock Radiation Belt Explorer”

Ryan Hannahoe and Gustav Nollmeyer, MSU, “Turning Eyes to the Big Sky Project: Learning Optics in Middle-School”

2:15 Jennifer Hane, MSU, "A Fault-Tolerant Computer Architecture for Space Vehicle Applications "

ANC=Aaniiih Nakoda College, BCC=Blackfeet Community College, CC=Carroll College, CDKC=Chief Dull Knife College, DCC=Dawson Community College, FVCC=Flathead Valley Community College, FPCC=Fort Peck Community College, LBHC=Little Big Horn College, MCC=Miles Community College, MSUB=Montana State University-Billings, MSU=Montana State University-Bozeman, MSUN=Montana State University-Northern, Tech=Montana Tech, RMC=Rocky Mountain College, SKC=Salish Kootenai College, SCC=Stone Child College, UGF=University of Great Falls, UM=University of Montana-Missoula, UMW=University of Montana-Western

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