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MSGC Student Research Symposium

2015 Student Achievement Award Winners:

Shelby Mallin, Montana Tech - Butte

She was selected to for a BOREALIS internship to build an AirCore sampling system this past year. The AirCore was developed at NOAA in Boulder, CO as a low cost method for obtaining profile atmospheric CO2 measurements. In collaboration with a climate scientist at the University of Montana, Shelby set out to duplicate the system designed at NOAA, fly the system on an unmanned free balloon, and analyze the data to determine if this is an effective method of obtaining CO2 measurements from the Missoula Valley.

Zoe Glasser-Breeding, Flathead Valley Community College

Zoe has spent the last two years working on the project, Cyanobacteria: The Good, The Bad, and The Beautiful. She has spent many hours working on culturing and developing pure culture methods for Cyanobacteria isolated from the Flathead area’s rivers and lakes. To accomplish this, she has made a thorough study of the relevant literature, and has developed several key methods for obtaining pure cultures of Cyanobacteria

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