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Selections for the 2016-2017 Montana Space Grant Fellowship and Scholarship Program reflect each student's past achievements, as well as present and future commitment to academic excellence.

Montana Space Grant Fellowship Awardees for 2016-2017: 
Student Discipline Institution
Laura Stevens Geosciences University of Montana
Ruben Behnke School of Forestry and Conservation University of Montana
Sylvia Nicovich Earth Science MSU - Bozeman
Amy Singer Geosciences University of Montana
Katherine Stocker Physics University of Montana


Montana Space Grant Scholarship Awardees for 2016-2017:


Student Discipline Institution
Jacob Alborano Mechanical Engineering MSU - Bozeman
Aja Anderson Forensic Biology University of Great Falls
Kendric Bizak Chemical Engineering MSU - Bozeman
Brenna Brewer Electrical Technology Montana State University Northern
Sidney Bushard Medical Montana State University Billings
Baili Conners Chemistry, Mathematics, and Statistics Montana Tech
Baleigh Doyle Mathematics University of Montana Western
Lauren Dupuis Chemistry MSU - Bozeman
Haley Fallang Forensic Science University of Great Falls
Callum Gannon Mechanical Engineering MSU - Bozeman
Jaxen Godfrey Physics MSU - Bozeman
Ayla Grandpre Computer Science Rocky Mountain College
Tiffany Grundel Science Great Falls College - MSU
Alyssa Herrick Chemical Engineering MSU - Bozeman
Seth Hershman Physics University of Montana
Hailey Kellum Physics Carroll College
Chance Lohman Engineering Miles Community College
Jennifer Oaks Biology Great Falls College - MSU
Levin Mullaney Electrical Engineering Montana Tech
Serenity Noell Energy Technology Missoula College
Daniel Rogers Physics University of Montana
Abraham Salois Physics MSU - Bozeman
Ellen Sears Physics University of Montana
Joshua Steiner Mechanical Engineering MSU-Bozeman
Carter Webber Physics University of Montana
Leanne Williams Electrical Engineering MSU - Bozeman


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