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The Camera was our best resource . When we took pictures we could calibrate and calculate what we saw.




My name is Charlene Mary Weatherwax, I will receive my Associates in Mathematics from the Blackfeet Community College, 2011. From there I will transfer to the University of Idaho, to further my Mathematics degree. Being apart of the Montana Space Grant Consortium has helped influence my desire to be apart of something greater.   


Ron Falcon, age 30. I am a returning student at Blackfeet Community college working to attain my associate's degree in Natural Resources. Experience has played a major role in my learning process of the science fields and will be influential in my academic continuum and employment attainability upon graduating this spring. Through my work with the Montana Space Grant Consortium and the Minority Serving Institution Partnership Development Program I hope to attain a better understanding of the interactions between Space and Earth and be able to form viable methods of portraying these interactions.


Noel White Running Water Stewart

Associates in Math /Science

 and Business Management

NASA Student Ambassador

Marshall Space Flight Intern

NASA SRE Participant

Going to Salish Kootenai College to study Hydrology

Working on Bachelors

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