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Montana NASA EPSCoR Research Awards 

Current Awards:

Research Group Awards


 Enhancement of NASA's Polar Missions: Adjoint Data Assimulation into Numerical Models to Reveal Physical Properties of the Greenland Ice Sheet

 Large-scale Content-based Image Retrieval System (CBIR) for Interactive Search through Virtual Solar Observatory


             Development and Testing of a Radiation Tolerant Flight Computer with Real-Time Fault Detection, Recovery, and Repair


   Regenerative SOGC Development for Aerospace Technology Platforms


   Development of a Novel High Spectral Resolution Lidar for Studies of the Effects of Aerosols on Earth's Climate


   Biomolecular Substrates for Extraterrestrial Life:  Revealing Secrets of Extremophiles

Research Infrastructure Development Awards


·         Interfacial Stability of Multilayer Nanostructured Thermal and Environmental Barrier Coatings for Aerospace Applications

·         Nanostructured optics for high-performance imaging at non-traditional wavelengths


·         Hydrologic Modeling at the Watershed Scale Under Climate Scenarios with Dynamic Forest Growth and Competition Using Remote Sensing and Field Data

·         Snow Near Surface Morphologies and Influence on Solar Albedo


·         How low can they grow?  Characterization of active microbial metabolism in ice

·         Developing Innovative Phylogenetic Methods to Establish the Antiquity of Microbial Processes - The Archeal Domain of Life as a Test Case

·         Investigation on utilization of SWEET ontology to support Exploratory Search through NASA's documentation


·         Radiation Hardened Dedicated Microprocessor for Software Reconfigurable Wireless Communication

·         Thermo-Mechanical Characterization of Shape Memory Alloys

·         Methanogenesis in Subglacial Environments - Biosignatures of Extraterrestrial Life

Previous Awards:

EPSCoR 2000 

 Detection and Localization of Extraterrestrial Biomarkers
 The Gravitational Wave Background

Core Infrastructure Awards - EPSCoR 2000

    2006 Awards

·         Electro-catalyst Infiltration of Engineered Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Electrodes

·         Bacterial Pigments: Examining Their Potential Role as Cryo- and Ultraviolet Radiation Protectants

·         Utilizing Existing Temperature and CO2  Gradients Within Yellowstone National Park to Elucidate Symbiotic Plant-Fungal Responses to Global Environmental Change

·         Low Cost X-ray Optics for Space Experiments

·         Application of the Van der Pauw Structure as a Piezoresistive Pressure Sensor

·         Gravitational Radiation from Intermediate Mass Black Holes

·         Free Space Optical Communications

    2005 Awards

·         Automatic Attribute-Oriented Fuzzy Induction to Mine Very Large Databases

·         Glacier-Climate Interaction at the Mountain Range Scale: A Numerical Model Constrained by Remote Sensing Data

    2004 Awards

·         Myotonometric Measurements of Muscle Health During Prolonged Human Exposure to Microgravity Environments

·         NMR Microscopy Measurements of Colloid Suspension Transport in Microfluidic Systems               

    2003 Awards

·         Development of Payload Integration and Test Capabilities at Montana State University

·         MEMS Accelerometer for Satellites

    2002 Awards

·         Space Instrumentation Payloads for Microsatellite Projects

·         Proteomic Analysis of Bacterial Virulence in Microgravity

·         Modeling of a Diode Pumped Continuous Wave Optical Parametric Oscillator in a KTP Waveguide

NASA EPSCoR Research Groups 1994-2001

·         Validation of A Pathfinder Satellite Drought Index

·         Interacting White Dwarf Binaries

·         Ozone Dynamics in the Troposphere

·         Optical Science and Laser Technology Cluster

·         Hydrogeology of Hot Springs/Martian Fossil Analog

·         Remote Sensing/Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem Group

·         Advanced Aerospace Materials

·         Active Materials Group

·         Topics in High Energy Astrophysics

·         PFC Atmospheric Chemistry Group

How to Reach the Montana NASA EPSCoR Program


Montana NASA EPSCoR Program


416 Cobleigh Hall

Montana State University

Bozeman, MT 59717-3835


(406) 994-4223


(406) 994-4452


Email MSGC


Director: Angela Des Jardins

Email Angela Des Jardins

(406) 994-6172

Deputy Director:  Randy Larimer 

Email Randy Larimer

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Education Specialist: Joey Key

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(406) 994-1753

Program Coordinator: Glenda Winslow

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(406) 994-4223

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