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Tribal College Research Program -

The Ground Remote Sensing (GRS) Project will allow computer engineering, information technology, environmental science, and forestry students to conduct research about their Tribal Lands. For example, with resources provided by MSGC, students will be able to scientifically image the ground from a tethered blimp located up to one hundred and fifty feet in the air. Using the data students can examine the type and health of river ecosystems, and other unique student designed experiments.

The Aurora Detector (AD) Project will provide opportunities for science, math, engineering, and technology students to engage in research about observing the Northern Lights in their area. For example, with resources provided by MSGC, students will have the capability to take measurements of aurora and automatically send texts to list members to “look up”. Using this data, student researchers will be able to answer questions such as when and where aurora occur.

Both of these programs will be backed by a team of participants including Tribal College faculty, MSU faculty active in Remote Sensing, MSU students, Tribal College students and MSGC staff.

Tribal College Research application form:
Acrobat (.pdf) or Word (.doc)


MSGC Tribal College Student Team Competition

Teams of students from each of the participating institutions earned points by completing various
activities described in the MSGC Student Team Competition document below. Each submitted project was evaluated for accuracy, presentation, and creativity. Prizes were awarded in the following categories: Most Total Points (Overall Trophy), Best Overall Presentation, Most Team Spirit. Prizes included NASA and MSGC t‐shirts, memory sticks, bags, and

MSGC Tribal College Student Team Competition:

Teams: Stone Child College Team, Blackfeet Community College Team

Aurora Detector photo MSI blimp team
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