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NASA Research Areas of Interest
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Travel Program

EPSCoR Travel Application form:
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The Montana NASA EPSCoR travel program will provide funding for:

  • MSGC-member campus faculty to travel to NASA Centers or Headquarters
  • Visits to MSGC-member campuses by NASA personnel or other established, prominent scientists and engineers from universities and industry working in NASA-related fields
  • Other: Appropriate national meeting, student travel associated with a NASA-related research project, etc.

Through the travel program, NASA EPSCoR seeks to encourage the development of new collaborations, projects and proposals, with the ultimate goal of fostering the growth of NASA related funded research at Montana institutions. Foreign travel is not allowed under this program. A hard copy post-travel report should be submitted to the Montana Space Grant Consortium Office within two weeks of the completion of travel. The application form (PDF format) should be completed, and sent with supporting materials to the Montana Space Grant Consortium office.

Please note: Applicants who are not U.S. citizens must complete the Non-U.S. Citizen Information Form and submit along with the travel application.


Faculty Connections Program

Faculty Connections Travel Application form:

Montana NASA EPSCoR has been awarded funding for a new Montana faculty professional development opportunity.  Selected faculty will receive support and funding to arrange travel to a NASA research center with the goal of developing new collaborations, projects, and proposals to foster the growth of NASA related funded research at Montana institutions.  The Montana NASA EPSCoR Faculty Connections Program is an opportunity for Montana faculty to make connections with NASA personnel and develop NASA research programs on their campus.

Selection of faculty will be based on the following priority: being a member of a) a Tribal College, b) other Community College, c) other small campus, or d) other faculty who are not part of a research group that has NASA funding.  Underrepresented minority and female faculty are especially encouraged to apply.

Travel funding up to $1500 will include airfare, hotel, transportation, and per diem for up to a week working at a NASA research center.  Travel will be arranged through the Montana NASA EPSCoR office.  A post travel presentation at your home institution and a written report to Montana NASA EPSCoR will be required. 


            February 11, 2013 – Priority Application Deadline

            End of March, 2013 – Awards Announced

            April, 2013 – Work with Faculty Connections Facilitator to find a NASA Center host

            May 1, 2013 – Visit goals and travel arrangements finalized

            July-September, 2013 – Faculty travel to NASA Centers

            September-December, 2013 – Post travel presentations and reports

Application Instructions

To apply for the Montana NASA EPSCoR Faculty Connections Program please submit the following documents to

  • Faculty Connections Program Application Form
  • A cover letter addressing your interest in the Faculty Connections Program
  • 1-2 page statement of your research interests and how they align with current NASA research goals
  • Curriculum vitae (CV) or résumé
  • Provide the name and contact information for your campus President or other appropriate campus official and arrange for a letter of support to be sent directly to by the application deadline.




Research Awards - National NASA EPSCoR Research Groups in Montana

NASA EPSCoR Research Group grants are awarded nationally each year. For the past several years, Montana groups have been successful in winning a number of these large awards.

Research Initiation grants are awarded competitively through internal and external review of proposals. These are intended as "seed money", are for one year of funding only, and are not renewable through the Consortium. Awardees are required to submit a follow-on proposal to NASA for regular research funding during the year of the grant. The majority of this funding has gone to graduate student support, providing both research and education enhancement simultaneously.


Current and Past Awards


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