Selections for the 2004-2005 Montana Space Grant Fellowship and Scholarship Program have 
been made. The awards reflect each student's past achievements, as well as present and future 
commitment to academic excellence.

Montana Space Grant Fellowship Awardees for 2004-2005:
Student Discipline Institution
Julian Deiss Earth Science MSU-Bozeman
Katy Garton Science/Natural History Filmmaking MSU-Bozeman
Aaron Harris Computer Science University of Montana
Brian Larsen Physics MSU-Bozeman
Connie Nelson Electrical Engineering MSU-Bozeman
Shandin Pete Hydrogeology University of Montana
Jessica Shelton Geology MSU-Bozeman

Montana Space Grant Scholarship Awardees for 2004-2005:
Student Discipline Institution
Brandon Anderson Physics MSU-Bozeman
Matthew Bergin Chemistry/Forensic Science University of Great Falls
Machi Block Mechanical Engineering MSU-Bozeman
Michael Buckman Pre-engineering Salish Kootenai College
Rosemary Crebs Natural Resources Stone Child College
Joseph Demontiney Industrial Technology MSU-Northern
Amber Diedrich Environmental Science UM-Western
Bret Fors Chemistry MSU-Bozeman
John Fowler Chemistry & Mathematics Carroll College
Bonnie Gillan Physics/Astronomy University of Montana
Kevin Harada Chemistry/Biology Rocky Mountain College
Melissa Hayes Geological Engineering UM-Montana Tech
Shea Herbert Mechanical Engineering MSU-Bozeman
Kyle Lyson Electrical Engineering MSU-Bozeman
Jonah Morsette Environmental Science MSU-Bozeman
John Nelsen Mechanical Engineering MSU-Bozeman
William Polk Mathematics/Computer Science Blackfeet Community College
Brittney Pollard Geological Sciences MSU-Bozeman
Christoffer Renner Physics MSU-Bozeman
Eric Siegfried Mechanical Engineering/Math MSU-Bozeman
Dawnette Swank Allied Health Chief Dull Knife College
Tammi Walker Mathematics/Physics MSU-Billings
Tiffany WhiteClay Environmental Science Little Big Horn College
James Willett Physics University of Montana

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