Selections for the 2006-2007 Montana Space Grant Fellowship and Scholarship Program have 
been made. The awards reflect each student's past achievements, as well as present and future 
commitment to academic excellence.

Montana Space Grant Fellowship Awardees for 2006-2007:
Student Discipline Institution
Amy Brunsvold Physical Chemistry MSU-Bozeman
Sarah Cullison Chemistry University of Montana
J. Lewis Fox Physics MSU-Bozeman
David Hoffman Computer Engineering MSU-Bozeman

Montana Space Grant Scholarship Awardees for 2006-2007:
Student Discipline Institution
Michael Abrahamsen Computer Science University of Montana
Chantelle Big Back Environmental Health Little Big Horn College
Matthew Bliwernitz Computer Engineering MSU-Northern
Laura Cerutti Environmental Science UM-Western
Conrad Dean Geological Engineering Montana Tech
Benjamin Dunham Computer Science/Math Carroll College
Autumn Glasgow Mathematics/Physics MSU-Billings
Eric Greenfield Physics MSU-Bozeman
Tia Harris Natural Resources Little Big Horn College
Shea Herbert Mechanical Engineering MSU-Bozeman
Tanner Horne Physics MSU-Bozeman
Christine Jones Biology Rocky Mountain College
Clark Kogan Physics University of Montana
Andy Lingley Electrical Engineering MSU-Bozeman
Joan Littleboy Allied Health/Nursing Chief Dull Knife College
Caleb Marceau General Science Salish Kootenai College
Richard Monroy Engineering MSU-Bozeman
Francesca Pine Natural Resources/Environ.Sci MSU-Bozeman
Michael Poser Secondary Educ/Broadfield Science MSU-Bozeman
Anthony Rasca Mathematics/Physics Carroll College
Josh Wold General Engineering Montana Tech

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