Selections for the 2008-2009 Montana Space Grant Fellowship and Scholarship Program have 
been made. The awards reflect each student's past achievements, as well as present and future 
commitment to academic excellence.

Montana Space Grant Fellowship Awardees for 2008-2009:
Student Discipline Institution
Ingrid Abramson  (1/2 yr) Geology MSU-Bozeman
Christina Carr     (1/2 yr) Geology MSU-Bozeman
Kerry Neal Electrical Engineering MSU-Bozeman
Steven Price Physics MSU-Bozeman
Charles Doc Richardson Geosciences University of Montana
Scott Wiessinger(1/2 yr) Science & Natural History Filmmaking MSU-Bozeman

Montana Space Grant Scholarship Awardees for 2008-2009:
Student Discipline Institution
Matthew Bolland  (1/2yr) Computer Information Systems MSU - Northern
Timothy Brox Earth Science MSU - Bozeman
Ron Chandler Natural Resources/Forestry Stone Child College
Benjamin Dunham Computer Science/Math Carroll College
James Durka Computer Science Blackfeet Community College
Alaina Garcia Mechanical Engineering MSU-Bozeman
Eugene Garcia Computer Information Systems Fort Belknap College
Jamie Gatz         (1/2 yr) Agriculture Operations Technology MSU-Northern
Dan Gavinsky Mechanical Engineering Dawson Community College
James Greene Computer Science/Info Technology Salish Kootenai College
Bethany Higgins Electrical Engineering MSU-Bozeman
Jeremy Hostetter Physics and Astronomy University of Montana
Katherine Kitchen Psychology Rocky Mountain College
Thomas Klein Computer Science Flathead Valley Community College
Amanda Kortum Biology UM-Western
Jon Laurent Molecular Biology MSU-Billings
Martin Lorenzo Civil Engineering Technology UM-Northern
Nathan Martin Physics MSU-Bozeman
Jayson Nissen Physics/Mathematics MSU-Bozeman
Jessica Ostrom Forensic Science University of Great Falls
LaDawn PlainFeather PreMed/Biochemistry University of Montana
Maria F. Russell Nursing Chief Dull Knife College
Sean Shriner Computer Engineering Salish Kootenai College
Josh Wold Electrical Engineering/Math Montana Tech

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