Selections for the 2010-2011 Montana Space Grant Fellowship and Scholarship Program have 
been made. The awards reflect each student's past achievements, as well as present and future 
commitment to academic excellence.

Montana Space Grant Fellowship Awardees for 2010-2011:
Student Discipline Institution
Douglas Brinkerhoff Computer Sciences University of Montana
Kristen Crandell (1/2) Biology University of Montana
Katherine Harris (1/2) Chemistry University of Montana
Christopher Kellogg (1/2) Geosciences Montana Tech
Shane Nowack Mathematics MSU - Bozeman
Meredith Rainey Ecology MSU - Bozeman
Deia Schlosberg (1/2) Sci. & Nat. History Film MSU - Bozeman
Matthew Urschel (1/2) Microbiology MSU - Bozeman
Kathryn Williamson (1/2) Physics MSU - Bozeman

Montana Space Grant Scholarship Awardees for 2010-2011:
Student Discipline Institution
Cassidy Brooks Physics/Education MSU-Bozeman
Timothy Brox Physics MSU-Bozeman
Joshua Christensen Aeronautical Science Rocky Mountain College
Andrew Crawford Mechanical Engineering Flathead Valley Community College
Jessica Crawford Ecology University of Montana
Jaycilyn Croff Radiology Blackfeet Community College
Christina Flansburg Sciences Fort Belknap College
Luke Humphrey Mechanical Engineering MSU - Bozeman
Amanda Kortum Biology UM-Western
Devin Lake Mechanical Engineering Montana Tech
Roger Lambson Metallurgical/Mat Engineering Montana Tech
Martin Lorenzo Civil Engineering MSU-Northern
Ian Lyon Math/Eng/Physics Carroll College
Dan Molgaard Astrophysics University of Montana
Daniel Morris Ecology University of Great Falls
Briana Peck Physics University of Montana
Courtney Peck Physics MSU - Bozeman
Randy Plummer Environmental Science Fort Peck Community College
Tashina M. Russett Science/Computer Science Stone Child College
Jeremy Schwend Physics/Math MSU - Bozeman
Bobbi Smith Forensic Science University of Great Falls
Sofia Tanberg Physics University of Montana
Abby Thane Physics University of Montana
Jason Tobin Aeronautical Science Rocky Mountain College
Jesse Winston Mathematics MSU-Billings
Nathan Woods CompSci/Math Carroll College

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