Undergraduate Research as Pedagogy (U-RAP): Modeling Carbon Cycle Dynamics with Marine Microcosms

PI: David Long, Department of Chemistry, Flathead Valley Community College

Flathead Valley Community College (FVCC) is dedicated to offering STEM students opportunities to engage in hands-on research experiences early in their academic careers. FVSS's "Undergraduate Research as Pedagogy (U-RAP): Modeling Carbon Cycle Dynamics with Marine Microcosms" project will engage FVCC students studying chemistry, biology, physics, mathematics, and engineering in a collaborative research project designed to add to the body of scientific knowledge regarding the effects of changes in carbon chemistry and pH on the growth rates of coral and competing photosynthetic algae. This project will prepare students to transfer to one Montana's four-year institutions ahead of the curve with respect to their decision making process and their skills, knowledge, and abilities in a lab environment.


Contact Information

Mail: David Long
Department of Chemistry
Flathead Valley Community College
Kalispell, MT 59901
E-mail: David Long
Phone: (406) 756-3895


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