Development of a Manufacturing of Composite Materials Course at MSU Bozeman

PI: David A. Miller, Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, Montana State University - Bozeman
CO-PI: Kevin R. Cook and Robb Larson, Mechanical Engineering Technology, Montana State University - Bozeman

The successful outcome of this proposal will be the developed curriculum and offering in the MSU-Bozeman M&IE Department of a course entitled Manufacturing of Composite Materials. This course will complement many on-going efforts across the department, college, university and the State of Montana. The PI of this proposal has taught both the undergraduate composite course (EMAT 463, Spr 13) and the graduate composite course (EMAT 551, Spr 12) in the Mechanical Engineering curriculum at MSU-Bozeman. Neither of these courses has a lab component, and only cursorily presents topics in manufacturing processes unique to composite material; therefore, this effort will support the M&IE curriculum. Across the M&IE Department and the College of Engineering (COE), there have been preliminary discussions concerning the development of a Manufacturing Minor. A course entitled Manufacturing of Composite Materials would contribute to this effort, as well as support the already existing Aerospace Minor. Composite materials play an ever expanding role in the fields of aerospace and aeronautics, and many of MSU's engineering graduates accept jobs directly related to the design and manufacture of composite systems in these fields. Furthermore, Montana has seen a growing technological industry with respect to its aerospace companies (S&K Technologies, Scientific Materials, S2 Corporation, MSE, Resodyn, Boeing- Helena, etc). The NASA funds requested under this proposal will be used to employ a graduate student during the grant period to help design and build experimental components of this course, support travel to industrial sponsors and provide summer support for project PI's.


Contact Information

Mail: David A. Miller
Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
Montana State University - Bozeman
Bozeman, MT 59717
E-mail: David Miller
Phone: (406) 994-6285

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