Celebrating Einstein

PI: Nico Yunes, Department of Physics, Montana State University

Celebrating Einstein will solicit the talents and expertise of a wide range of scientists and artists to communicate the beauty and significance of Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity with the public. Celebrating Einstein will include a weeklong event held in Bozeman, Montana in March of 2013 and will result in a multimedia product ideal for future outreach events. The Celebrating Einstein Week will include a public lecture series by world-leading experts on black holes, gravitational waves and cosmology, a scientific relativity conference held at Montana State University (MSU), local elementary and middle school classroom lectures by MSU graduate students and an Art Exhibit on General Relativity and Gravitational Waves by an MSU professor held at the Exit Gallery. The highlight of the week will be a multimedia music performance held at the Emerson Cultural Center, featuring a live orchestra combined with gravitational wave sounds transposed and amplified to the audible range of human hearing, together with original poetry and film that will include the scientific visualization of black hole collisions and gravitational waves. The performance of the original music score will be professionally recorded and combined with the visual and audio elements to create a multimedia product for use in planetariums, theaters, classrooms, and outreach events. Celebrating Einstein will expose students and the general public to the world of relativity and gravitational waves, one of NASA’s primary research goals.


Contact Information

Mail: Nico Yunes
Department of Physics
Montana State University
Bozeman, MT 59715
E-mail: Nico Yunes
Phone: (406) 994-1753

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