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Internships in Industry

Blue Origin (Summer Application Due January 31st) internship opportunities

Planetary Resources, Inc opportunities

SpaceX internship and career opportunities

Ball Aerospace internships

Planet Labs internships and fellowships

Orbital internships

Boeing internships

Google internships


Please contact us, msgc [at] montana [dot] edu, if you apply for one of these internships. If you do not receive funding through a company there may be support provided by MSGC which includes the following elements:

A 2-3 page personal statement that includes why you want to intern at a particular company and how that applies to your career and educational goals. Please include a resume as well.

A student must be a U.S. citizen enrolled as a full-time student at a Montana Space Grant Consortium campus.

A final report of at least 2 pages must be completed at the end of the term. Students must make a presentation about their research at the annual MSGC Student Research Symposium in Bozeman.

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