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Internships in Bozeman

Montana Instruments:

Montana Instruments makes researchers more effective by creating high-precision optical measurement solutions for research, industry and education. Their passion is for innovation that serves their customers and they are building a team of talented engineers, scientists, and professionals who understand and are committed to serving the next generation of researchers worldwide.

Montana Instruments is considering summer positions including their “High Tech Apprenticeship” program, as well as part-time positions for students during the school year. These positions are located in Bozeman, MT. Montana Instruments is looking for fill two positions in their High Tech Apprenticeship program for Summer 2018.

1. Electrical Engineer

2. One of the following three options:

  • Physics with optics Interest and/or background or
  • Electrical Engineer with optics interest and/or background or
  • Mechanical Engineer with optics interst and/or background

Application Priority Deadline - March 1, 2018.

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Internships in Missoula

Sunburst Sensors:

Sunburst Sensors designs and manufactures autonomous instruments to measure the carbonate chemistry of marine and freshwater helping scientists understand important processes, such as ocean acidifcation. Our products operate for long periods with ultra-low power and reagent consumption, providing valuable time-series data to researchers around the world. We are developing other instruments for the measurement of alkalinity, carbonate ion, and total carbon. Sunburst Sensors won the Wendy Schmidt Ocean Health XPRIZE in 2015 in a competition that drew teams from around the world to develop accurate and affordable pH sensors.

Sunburst Sensors is considering summer 2018 positions for motivated interns interested in working with them on a number of possible projects. These positions are located in Missoula, MT. $5,000 stipend plus $1000 travel stipend for students not living in Missoula, $5000 stipend for students living in Missoula.

Desirable skills include any of the following

  • LabView or Matlab coding
  • Basic Chemistry Laboratory experience
  • Optics - Colorimetry - Spectrophotometry
  • Arduino or Energia programming
  • Digital and/or Analog Circuit Design
  • SolidWorks experience

Application Priority Deadline - March 1, 2018.

Apply Here

Internships in The Flathead Valley

Flathead Lake Biological Station - SensorSpace


The Flathead Lake Biological Station (FLBS) of the University of Montana is a world-renowned ecology research and education center whose mission focus is limnology, the study of lakes and rivers.


SensorSpace is a  National Science Foundation laboratory facility located at the Flathead Lake Biological Station. SensorSpace was established in order to build cutting-edge sensor technology and instrumentation for anyone looking to support field-instrumentation, and do small-scale production and development. SensorSpace also serves as a public makerspace where anyone can be trained on advanced manufacturing tools and then use them independently. SensorSpace is divided into four zones: CNC manufacturing, embedded electronics, optics, and microfluidics.


We are seeking students to be part of a small-team, to learn to use our tools, and to help design, manufacture, and test field-deployable microfluidic sensors, power, and communications systems. 10 week intership for $5,000 stipend plus $1000 travel stipend.


Desirable skills include any of the following


C or Python coding

Basic optics experience

Digital and/or Analog Circuit Design

SolidWorks/Fusion360 experience

MEMs (soft-lithography) production

CNC manufacturing


Application Priority Deadline - March 1, 2018.


Apply Here

Internships in Bozeman and Missoula


10 weeks working with MSGC's high altitude balloon program on the MSU or UM campus. $5,000 stipend plus $1000 travel stipend for students not at "home" campus, $5000 stipend for students at their "home" campus.

Application Priority Deadline - March 1, 2018.

BOREALIS internship info

Apply Here


The MSGC Intership Program includes the following elements:

A student must be a U.S. citizen enrolled as a full-time student at a Montana Space Grant Consortium campus.

A final report of at least 2 pages must be completed at the end of the term. Students must make a presentation about their research at the annual MSGC Student Research Symposium in Bozeman.

If you are awarded an internship, you must complete the Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) training course, HERE.

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