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Kenny Sokolowski

Kenny Sokolowski
I am Kenny Sokolowski, I was born in the small mountain community of southern California, Big Bear Lake. I partook in many years of ski racing and freestyle skiing during my youth, as well as played many other sports. In high school I was introduced to physics and loved it, my curiosity about how things worked found its dedication in science and thus I went to SDSU to get my BS in Physics. I am currently in my 5th year at SDSU and am on schedule to graduate in May 2012. In my years here I have expanded my experience to other sciences as well, I currently do research with an interdisciplinary Bio-Math group where I study DNA Fragmentation patterns in an array of E.Coli strains, which my team and I have treated with different antibiotics and/ or restriction enzymes. I am also currently working on a java applet to help visualize interactions between vorticies in Bose-Einstein Condensates to further probe a simplified ODE model of their movement from their predicted PDE interaction. I am planning on going to Graduate School in Biophysics, or some other Theoretical Physics specification. After that I hope to spread my knowledge of how nature works to the rest of the population in whatever way seems most appropriate.
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