Awards for Research in Engineering and Science (ARES)

Since March 1999, the Montana Space Grant Consortium has made awards available to undergraduate students involved in research activities at the following Consortium member campuses:
 Montana State University-Billings  University of Montana-Western
 Rocky Mountain College  Salish Kootenai College
 Chief Dull Knife College  Little Big Horn College
 Stone Child College  Fort Peck Community College
 Fort Belknap College  Blackfeet Community College
 Montana State University-Northern  Carroll College (beginning 2002)
 University of Great Falls (beginning 2004)  Dawson Community College (beginning 2006)
 Flathead Valley Community College (beginning 2006)  Miles Community College (beginning 2006)
The ARES Program includes the following elements:

Campus Space Grant Representatives:

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Updated February 4, 2009