MSGC Undergraduate Summer Position Pay Rubric

MSGC will score each undergraduate applicant with this rubric based on submitted application materials. Higher pay slots will be offered to the students with the most points.

Levels of summer pay:

1. Apprenticeship, $12.50/hour up to 400 hours

2. In-State MSGC Internship, $15.00/hour for 400 hours

Rubric points:

A. Year in school (the year just completed) [0-5 points]

a. Freshman = 1 point

b. Sophomore = 2 points

c. Junior = 3 points

d. Senior = 4 points

e. Super senior or post-graduation = 5 points

B. Skills [0-5+ points]

Skill examples include but are not limited to: scientific data collection, scientific data analysis, programming, mathematics/computation, “handy-work”, mechanical design, electronic hardware design, sensor use/design, leadership (in clubs, other activities, etc.), teaching/mentoring, technical writing, and public speaking.

a. 1 point for each proficient skill (minimum 6 hours experience, understand basic functions but need mentoring in higher level tasks)

b. 2 points for each expert skill (requires no mentoring; completely self-sufficient)

C. Hands-on experience [0-5+ points]

a. 2 point per semester conducting research or working in a lab outside of normal coursework (minimum 90 hours)

b. 2 points per full time summer work outside of normal coursework

c. 1 point for major in-class experience (e.g. senior design)

d. 1 point per external work experience such as summer jobs (minimum 200 hours)

D. Number of summer hours anticipated

a. < 200 hours = 0 points

b. 200-300 hours = 1 point

c. 300-400 hours = 2 points

E. Recommendation [0-5 points]

Based on the submitted letter of recommendation, 0-5 points for the strength of the student.

F. Motivation for hard work [0-2 points]

Based on the submitted personal statement, 0-2 points.