A New Engineering Course Entitled "Aircraft Structure Design and Analysis"

PI: Dr. Doug Cairns, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, Montana State University

The Department of Mechanical Engineering at Montana State University has had a deep tradition in aerospace education. In addition, the staffing within Mechanical Engineering at MSU has evolved over the past several years. It is currently in a strong position to make valuable contributions in aerospace sciences and education. During the Fall of 1995, the Department of Mechanical Engineering offered a new course entitled "Aircraft Structure Design and Analysis," with substantial involvement from The Boeing Company in Seattle, Washington. This proposal is focused on the development of this course for Montana State University, and its constituents. As the Mechanical Engineering department at MSU is integrating this course into the curriculum, some support from the Montana Space Grant Consortium will enhance this effort. This course provides a measurable result of the Montana Space Grant Consortium, with respect to aerospace education. Furthermore, it has additional educational and research benefits, via the close ties to the aerospace community in the implementation plan. The successful implementation of this course will represent a significant milestone, not only for MSU, but for aerospace education in the United States.

Contact Information

Mail: Dr. Doug Cairns
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Montana State University
Bozeman, MT 59717
E-mail: dcairns@me.montana.edu
Phone: (406) 994-6050
FAX: (406) 994-6292

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