Program Highlights:

The Team at WorkMontana Mountain Ranges from HABHAB LaunchEclipse FlghtOverlooking the Absaroka-Beartooth MountainsEclipse Flight

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Example highlight: Shanell Sinclair

Shanell Sinclair student highlight My name is Shanell Sinclair. I love cats and  spending time with my family. I am a Native American transfer student from Blackfeet Community College. I am majoring in mechanical engineering with a minor in aerospace engineering at Montana State University. I hope to one day work in the aerospace industry. Currently I am doing my first internship with Montana Space Grant Consortium. I am working with the BOREALIS program which is a high-altitude ballooning program. My project is building and programming an accelerometer to track orientation during flights. I came here to be part of my state’s space program and get real hands-on engineering experience.