Program Highlights:

Montana Mountain Ranges from HABHAB LaunchEclipse FlghtOverlooking the Absaroka-Beartooth MountainsEclipse Flight

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Student Hightlight:

Jaxen Godfrey working with the Loki Lego Launches during the 2017 eclipse.

Jaxen Godfrey

My name is Jaxen Godfrey and I am a junior physics and applied mathematics major here at MSU. Last summer I was a part of the BOREALIS internship in Missoula, which headed the Montana radiosonde team for the nation-wide Radiosonde Project during the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse. Over the summer, I worked to create code to calculate the proper PSI fill for balloons given certain parameters such as altitude, temperature, and pressure. After the eclipse I used the datasets we gathered to analyze the effect of totality on planetary boundary layer height. I am currently working on a research project with Professors Nico Yunes and Anne Lofink of the physics department as an MSGC apprentice. The goal of my current project is to characterize the systematic errors involved when assuming an astrophysical model during tests of general relativity. In my free time, I enjoy doing art, photography, hiking, and reading. 

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