The ATOMIC STEM Pilot Project

PI: Brenda Canine, NANSLO Lab, Great Falls College MSU

The ATOMIC (Accessing Technology Resources Online to Motivate Interest in Careers in) STEM pilot project will provide direct support to community college students, faculty and k-12 partners in Montana through the Great Falls College Montana State University NANSLO (North American Network of Science Labs Online) program. The NANSLO lab is part of a network of remote science labs which students can log into via the internet. The lab has microscopes, which students control remotely, as well as spectrophotometers with multiple sample holders which allow for Biology, Chemistry, and Physics experiments. All labs are conducted in real-time; students view the lab using a live video feed.

Surplus capacity exists in the lab and GFC MSU wants to expand there services to other institutions with an emphasis towards students in Montana. All remote web-based labs are in real-time and apply inquiry-based learning principles to meet course objectives. Use of remote web-based science labs allows rural areas to interact and explore STEM topics without putting a significant financial burden on individual schools, instructors, or students. Therefore a main objective for this project is to provide access to the NANSLO lab for Montana students in rural schools.


Contact Information

Mail: Brenda Canine
Great Falls College - MSU
Great Falls, MT 59405
E-mail: Brenda Canine
Phone: (406) 771-4435

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Updated September 19, 2014