Einstein's Symphony: A Gravitational Wave Voyage Through Space and Time

PI: Nico Yunes, Department of Physics, Montana State University

Einstein's Symphony: A Gravitational Wave Voyage Through Space and Time is a planetarium show that will build on the success of the MSGC Education Enhancement project Celebrating Einstein. The artists and scientists who created A Shout Across Time and Black (W)hole, two products of Celebrating Einstein, will collaborate with the Museum of the Rockies Taylor Planetarium staff and students to create a new full dome Digistar planetarium show that will be freely distributed widely to planetaria in the US and abroad. The show will use images and animations filmed and collected for A Shout Across Time and for Black (W)hole, but it will also use new images and animation to fit a completely new narrative. A new soundtrack will be composed and produced by the MSU School of Music to use the full capability of planetarium sound systems. The planetarium show will be narrated with ideas drawn from Epic and the Celebrating Einstein danced lecture on gravitational waves that the collaboration produced. The combination of products, resources, and team members assembled for this proposal allows us to create an original planetarium show for a fraction of the cost of a typical show. In addition, Montana G6-12 students and teachers will have access to STEM education material developed at their own land grant university, intended to complement and support the show. The final product will be shared widely using the Museum of the Rockies planetarium network as well as the Celebrating Einstein team member connections to science museums and gravitational wave astronomy groups.


Contact Information

Mail: Nico Yunes
Department of Physics
Montana State University
Bozeman, MT 59715
E-mail: Nico Yunes
Phone: (406) 994-1753

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