Introducing Scientific Visualization and Internet Communications to Montana's Mathematics and Science Teachers

A Summer Workshop and Follow-up Activities

PI: Dr. David A. Thomas, Department of Mathematical Sciences, Montana State University

In conjunction with other sources, MSGC funding was used to develop and offer "Visualization and Communication Tools for Mathematics and Science Education" (Math 580) for the first time spring semester 1994 as a Turbo-STIR distance learning course. A six day workshop on Scientific Visualization and Communications Tools for Mathematics and Science Education was held at Montana State University at the end of the 1994 summer session for teachers. The workshop made use of the course materials developed for the Turbo-STIR course and encouraged participants to share what they learned with their students and to interact with each other, the course instructor, and other individuals "met on the net" during Fall Semester 1994. During that time, curricular materials involving visualization and Internet communications currently being used or developed at MSU and at other sites around the country were studied and adapted to local needs and resources.

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