Online Educational Resources in Astronomy for Montana's 5 - 14 Educators

PI: Dr. David Caditz, Department of Physics, Montana State University

Space science education in Montana will be enhanced and improved through the creation of a worldwide web based space science library and online interactive support system targeted toward Montana 5 - 14 educators. The library will initially be composed of national standards compliant online space science resources leveraged from previous NASA funded projects including online astronomy courses developed by the P.I. These online materials have been fully tested during six years of online course delivery. Later, the library will accept submissions of space science related teaching materials from Montana educators. The support system will be modeled on the P.I.'s online courses and will provide a means for teachers to obtain interactive help and ideas for teaching space science. The proposed resources will be aggressively marketed to Montana educators through an electronic newsletter and at educator meetings and conferences. Find the Montana Science Teacher's Astronomy Resource at M-STAR.

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Updated June 19, 2006