Mr. Kevin C. Scott
Dr. Denbigh Starkey, Principal Coordinator
This document details a proposal to develop an interdisciplinary educational program and accompanying interactive CD-ROM. The program will be developed utilizing the resources of the Museum of the Rockies Taylor Planetarium, its staff and facilities, and under the guidance of the University Honors Program, the planetarium director, and the Head of the Department of Computer Science at Montana State University. The project demonstrates a firm belief in the stated goals of the Montana Space Grant Consortium and provides a unique opportunity to further these goals.

An original program entitled "Perceptions" will be designed and developed for presentation in the Museum of the Rockets Taylor Planetarium. "Perceptions" will explore how contemporary aerospace scientists and astronomers strive to understand that part of our universe that humanity cannot directly experience: space and all of its remarkable and intriguing tenants. The program will emphasize the way in which we gather information about the universe, the scientific process, and the use of modeling and visualization to enhance our understanding of the information we gather. Along with the above program will be the design and creation of an accompanying interactive CD-ROM which will be distributed freely to Montana's educators. The disc will contain an interactive version of the "Perceptions" program along with an extensive array of teaching materials and NASA resources.

Contact Information

Mail: Dr. J. Denbigh Starkey
Computer Science Department
Montana State University
Bozeman, MT 59717
Phone: (406) 994-4870
FAX: (406) 994-6098

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