Satellite Science Centers

PI: Dr. Bonnie Sachatello-Sawyer, P.I., The Watercourse and WET, Montana State University

The Museum of the Rockies has worked to improve both Montana teachers' access to NASA educational materials and the usefulness of these materials in rural classroom settings by creating a series of portable, shippable, satellite science centers that contain the best of NASA's curricular guides plus the materials needed to do the activities including models, specimens, and toys accompanied by suggestions for activities and supporting videos, slide sets, and CD-ROMS. These outreach activity centers were modeled after the Museum's popular trunk series that were created and refined over the past decade based on rural teachers needs and recommendations.

The Museum developed four NASA theme-based centers that will fit into trunks: Planets, Rockets, Living in Space, and Space Exploration. The NASA oriented activity centers are object- and inquiry-based, and match the science curricular goals adopted by Montana schools. Two sets of each of these activity centers were created over a two-year period for a total of 8 traveling space science activity centers. An interactive website (primarily for teachers) has been created and is available at MOR's NASA trunks.

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