Incorporating Student-Based Research in the Secondary-Level Curriculum

PI: Jerry D. Esmay, Department of Computer Science, The University of Montana
This proposal is a collaborative effort between the Montana Science Fair Directors Association (MSFDA), the Golden Triangle Curriculum Cooperative (GTCC) and the University of Montana. MSFDA directors serve four regional and one state science fair sanctioned by Science Service, Incorporated, in support of their International Science and Engineering Fair activity. The GTCC is a consortium of 61 local and educational agencies in north central Montana.

A need has been identified for training and the dissemination of information among secondary-level mathematics and science teachers concerning student-based research projects. Early and middle career teachers are lacking in knowledge about student research projects and resources available for this inquiry-based approach to teaching.

This proposal for professional development opportunities includes one-day workshops at selected sites throughout the State of Montana. Follow-up training will be held in the summer of 1998 at the University of Montana. Early career teachers will have first priority to attend this summer workshop.

Contact Information

Mail: Dr. Jerry D. Esmay
Department of Computer Science
The University of Montana
Missoula, MT 59812-1008
Phone: (406) 243-2883
FAX: (406) 243-5139

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