Teachers Integrating Mathematics and Environmental Science (TIMES): A Pilot Project of the Big Sky Institute

PI: Lisa J. Graumlich, Executive Director, Big Sky Institute, Montana State University

The newly established Big Sky Institute for Science and Natural History (BSI) offers a unique opportunity for engaging K-12 students in Montana with the excitement of using emerging technologies to deepen their understanding of mathematics and environmental sciences. The proposal is to develop a proof-of-concept project in which we develop integrated, standards-based middle school science and math modules. These modules will use NASA data to explore the interaction between physical and biological processes in governing the Yellowstone's ecosystems at scales from the micro (e.g., organisms in thermal features) to the macro (e.g., wolf-elk interactions). The integrated science and math modules will be developed as a collaboration between middle school math and science teachers from around the state, MSU scientists funded by NASA, math and science education faculty and graduate students. A key feature of the project will be the development of a teacher-oriented web site that links NASA-funded and -related data streams with mathematical tools for description and analysis. Further, module design will explicitly address Montana and national standards for teaching 1) environmental sciences and 2) mathematics (i.e., algebra, data analysis and probability). This project builds on BSI's ties to several relevant MSU departments and initiatives, including the Thermal Biology Institute, the Department of Ecology, the Math Education Group in the Department of Mathematical Sciences and the National Teacher Enhancement Network Program.

Contact Information

Mail: Lisa J. Graumlich
Big Sky Institute
Montana State University
Bozeman, MT 59717
E-mail: Lisa Graumlich
Phone: (406) 994-5320
FAX: (406) 994-5122

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