Learning Chemistry through Inquiry, Action, and Reflection

PI: Chrissie Carpenter, Department of Chemistry, University of Great Falls

A highly effective undergraduate science program has the ability to challenge students through the use of inquiry, action, and reflection or “problem-posing” experiences.  Students can construct new knowledge in the proper context to their existing knowledge if their learning environment is conducive to this “asking questions” and “discovering answers” method.  The key to providing this educational experience is to engage the students with a well-designed curriculum that allows them to encounter the instruments and protocols that are the current standard in the scientific world at large.  In this way, an undergraduate science curriculum can successfully stimulate the student’s understanding and knowledge acquisition so that they are sufficiently prepared to face the world beyond the college walls.


Contact Information

Mail: Chrissie Carpenter
Department of Chemistry
University of Great Falls
Great Falls, MT 59405
E-mail: Chrissie Carpenter
Phone: (406) 791-5355

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