University of Montana Undergraduate Research Program

PI: James McKusick

The University of Montana's Undergraduate Research Program was established to encourage research at the undergraduate level by awarding stipend grants to deserving students doing research at The University of Montana. For purposes of the awards, "research" was broadly defined to include investigations of a cultural or historical question as well as laboratory or field research more normally associated with the science and engineering disciplines.

It is required that each student supported through this program write a final report, and make a presentation regarding their work. Presentations may be made at a campus-wide undergraduate research conference, a departmental seminar, a regional or national meeting (such as the Montana Academy of Sciences) or in a K-12 classroom.

Contact Information

James McKusick
University of Montana
Missoula, MT 59812
E-mail: James McKusick
Phone:  406 243-2541  
FAX:    406 243-6446  

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