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Educational Enchancement Awards

Education Enhancement Grants are awarded competitively within the state through internal review of proposals. Emphasis is on "product" or "value added"; we will not fund "improvements" which require continuing Consortium funding to maintain their existence. Awards are for one year, but may be renewed if further development and goals are proposed.


Side-by-Side Learning: Using Minecraft and Gamification to Support Student Learning and Teacher Professional Development
ATOMIC STEM pilot project


Chemistry Upper-Division Curricular Restructuring
Einstein's Symphony: A Gravitational Wave Voyage Through Space and Time


Learning Chemistry through Inquiry, Action, and Reflection
Expansion of Technology into Hydrology Curriculum at SKC
Following the Packet - An Educational Enhancement Proposal for Embedded Networking
Montana Aurora Detector Network for Education Enhancement


Developing an Undergraduate Planetary Geoscience Course at Montana State University - Bozeman
Digital Imaging and High Resolution Spectroscopy:  An Advanced undergraduate Laboratory Course in Astrophysics
An Interdisciplinary Senior Capstone Experience:  Designing a Robotic Lunar Regolith Excavator
Learning through Inquiry,Action, and Reflection Part 2
Weather and Climate Change


Development of a Course Entitled: Introduction to Aerospace Engineering
Communicating Science to the Public:  A pilot for STEM students
Learning through Inquiry, Action, and Reflection
Remotely Operated Optical Aurora Detectors
Inspiring Future NASA Engineers in Solar Cells and Photovoltaic Systems


Enhancing Education with Optical Aurora Detectors
Expansion of Geospatial Science Curriculum at the Salish Kootenai College
Development of an Experiental Introductory Astronomy Course at the University of Montana-Western
ECE Robots: Moving to the Upper Division


Salish Kootenai College Science, Mathematics, Engineering and Technology (SMET) Enhancement Program for Recruiting and Retaining Minority Students
Sky Knowledge: Teaching Astronomy at Fort Belknap College


Stimulating the Next Generation of NASA Engineers: Teaching and Learning Robotics in the Freshman Year


Signs of Life: An Informal Education Film Project on the Search for Life on Mars


Teachers Integrating Mathematics and Environmental Science (TIMES): A Pilot Project of the Big Sky Institute
Aerospace Education Enhancement Proposal: A Planetarium Program on Space Colonization with a Link to Lewis & Clark


A Graduate Program in Science and Natural History Filmmaking
A Cosmic Ray Spark Chamber for Astronomy Education and Public Display


The Potential for Wind Energy Generation on Mars
Building a Bridge to NASA for Tribal College Students
Aeronautical Education Curriculum for a Collegiate Transport Aircraft Transition Program
Development of a Primer of Aviation
Online Educational Resources in Astronomy for Montana's 5 - 14 Educators


SAS Project - Space After School Project
Satellite Science Centers [1999-2000]
ARES Program - Awards for Research in Engineering and Science [1999-2006]
Undergraduate Research Program, University of Montana [1999-2005]
A Short Course on Turbulence


Undergraduate Research Program, Montana Tech [1998-2006]
Incorporating Student-Based Research in the Secondary-Level Curriculum
A Course in Landscape Analysis Using GIS/GPS Technologies


Upward Bound Aerospace Education Program
A Remotely Piloted Aircraft for Remote Sensing
AIRONET Visiting Scientists Program for Montana Reservation Schools and the Montana Apprenticeship Program (MAP)[1997-1998, 2000-2003]


Aircraft Structure Design and Analysis
Montana Space Odyssey [1996, 1999-2003]


Undergraduate Research Program, Montana State University [1995-2006]
Space Exhibit Development for the Museum of the Rockies


Remote Sensing and Digital Image Processing


Scientific Visualization for Montana's Mathematics and Science Teacher [1993, 1994]


Blue Mountain Observatory, University of Montana [1991, 1992]
Planetary Science at Montana Tech
Taylor Planetarium, Museum of the Rockies [1991-1994, 1996, 1998-2000]
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