June 24 - 28, 2024

MSGC is sponsoring one Montana 5-12 classroom teacher to attend the Texas Space Grant Consortium's Liftoff Summer Institute in 2023. Sponsorship includes airfare to Houston, Texas and registration fee of $1,250 (which includes lodging, meals and tours). 

The LiftOff Summer Institute is a week long professional development training for teachers that emphasizes science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) learning through a space science theme supported by NASA missions. 


  • Presentations by NASA scientists and engineers
  • Hands-on, inquiry based classroom activities aligned to educational standards
  • Career Exploration
  • Teacher Feature (sharing of classroom lessons and activities)
  • Opportunity to interact with researchers dedicated to space missions


  1. Currently employed as a 5-12 grade classroom educator
  2. Demonstrate willingness to share information with others
  3. Must be a U.S. citizen




  1. What is your formal education and teaching experience? (Degree, Years Taught, etc.)
  2. What is your current assignment? (Describe job responsibilities and other related duties.)
  3. List professional activities. (In-service participation, membership in professional organizations, # of workshops taught and audience.)
  4. Other teacher-related activities. (Educational outreach activities in the community, youth programs, etc.)
  5. Submit a STEM lesson plan. 


If you have NEVER attended the LiftOff Summer Institute before – in 100 words minimum, 500 maximum:

  1. What do you expect to gain from attending the LiftOff Summer Institute?
  2. What are some ways you would incorporate space science materials into your classroom?
  3. How would you share the information you receive with fellow educators?
  4. Why would you like to be selected for the LiftOff Summer Institute?

If you ARE a LiftOff Alumni – in 100 words minimum, 500 maximum:

  1. How have you used the LiftOff information, lessons, and resources with students?
  2. In what ways have you shared the LiftOff information with fellow educators?
  3. How has the LiftOff Summer Institute helped you as a teacher?
  4. Why would you like to be selected to return for the LiftOff Summer Institute?

Send Application Materials to: msgc@montana.edu by January 8, 2024, 5pm.


Lesson Plan Template




Answer: No, it can be multiple pages if necessary. 

Answer: No, you only need to submit an application to MSGC for the fully funded opportunity. 

Answer: No, MSGC has it's own process for selection, which we have kept similar to LiftOff with the exception of the video. 

Answer: We will contact all applicants after we have gotten a chance to review their submissions. This should take us no longer than a week after the due date.

Answer: MSGC would like to have a virtual meeting with the awardee after they return to discuss their experience. 

Answer: MSGC works with the Directors of LiftOff to secure one teacher slot for Montana. We have our own selection process. We then send the awardee's name and information to LiftOff Team. So if you are looking for the MSGC funded opportunity, use our application and deadline. If you already have funding, you can apply directly to LiftOff.  

Answer: You do need to be an educator in Montana to be eligible for this opportunity. This can include after school programs.