Where were you on February 26th, 1979?

During 1979 Jimmy Carter was the 39th president of the United States, the Pittsburgh Steelers defeated the Dallas Cowboys in Super Bowl 13 and McDonald’s introduced the Happy Meal. 1979 saw Voyager I reveal the rings of Jupiter and discover the first extraterrestrial volcano on Jupiter’s moon Io while NASA received delivery of its first space shuttle, Columbia, to the Kennedy Space Center.

Just before 3:30pm PST on February 26th, 1979 a small slice of the northwestern United States briefly plunged into darkness revealing stars and the planets Mercury, Venus and Mars as the Moon’s pinpoint of a shadow traversed the Earth’s surface on its trek towards central Canada and the Arctic Circle. This was the most recent total solar eclipse the continental United States has experienced. Now, after a drought of nearly four decades, the United States will be treated to the Great American Eclipse.

Come August 21st, 2017, where will you be?

2017 Eclipse Path

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